• Looking Back Bashiri Asad's debut single is an ode to the black community and the importance of restoring the "neighbor" to the "hood" for future generations.

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  • Living The Dream (L.T.D.) is a bonafide soul album touching on a range of topics such as optimism, angst, social consciousness, love, taboo, heartache, and just having a good time. Crafted in the spirit of classic soul records, this 12-song LP is full of live instrumentation, solid songwriting, and stirring vocals. Make Living The Dream a part of the soundtrack of your life. Pre-order today!

Bashiri Asad is just like you.

He laughs. He cries. He loves. He dreams. Just like you, everyday. He feels deeply, and turns his feelings into music. Soul music. Music that says exactly how you feel, everyday. Bashiri Asad is the "Everyday Soul Singer," and he will remind you that feeling what you feel, in your soul, is just fine.


Sample The New Album: Living The Dream (L.T.D.)


Looking Back

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